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Business as usual [31 Aug 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Back on track with plenty of work booked this week. Got a nice tip today. $50 is always good. We talked about about music. I've gotten 3 requests within the past 3 weeks for me to stand over the guy while he wanks off. Hm.
I'm totally freaked about New Orleans though. One of the few cities I cared about, and dreamed about moving to, and now it's gone. All those poor people. People my Dad works with are homeless now. They (and him) won't be getting paychecks this week. *sighs* It's terrible. :( Made a Red Cross donation.

Will make a proper job harder to find as well, but atleast I can get back to do charity work, and my little "punk rock" side feels smug about screwing the government out of tax money. I'm finding it hard to feel motivated for work, so sometimes I feel like I should take a week off, but can't afford it.
I need to start wearing glitter again, stock up on cute mod fall clothes, and buy another Living Dead Doll.

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Work [30 Aug 2005|06:52pm]
has been slow. But I've been kinda lazy, due to the 106 degrees F Texas heat!!
Grgaghr. More when something good happens
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middle of the night [22 Aug 2005|01:30am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm meeting that guy for lunch this week about a website for me. *nervousness*
And I need to get some sleep cos I have a client coming in the morning. I almost feel bad. Maybe I should try and get a proper job again

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Updates [21 Aug 2005|01:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

"I have some regulars coming in next week and I promise to write about them, as well as my Adult Fine Arts trip with The Runner. "

The regulars did indeed come. And cum. Sorry lol :P Anyways. One was one of my firsts, a lawyer who got WAY too attatched, so he didn't come again. We had a long talk, and he was very upset with me. He was starting to think about a divorce and I felt like shit. I definitely had not been encouraging things, we hadn't seen eachother in awhile cos I had been avoiding him. That was few months ago, hadn't heard from him since. And The Runner and I fell out because he wanted us to play for free and have a "relationship" so I could be used to get back at his gf. I was having no part of that rubbish. WHY do clients do stuff like that? Either get too attatched or want to use you to knowingly hurt someone else? I will have no part of either.

"And then my little London sex story adventures from January/Febuary."

The "top 3" I will write about tomorrow. 1st one was an antique collector with a GORGEOUS flat in the West End and he had an IPOD with one of mine and his fav. bands on it. 2nd-Sweet, generous, and we had an entire evening at the London Park Lane Hilton :D. 3rd-Guy with a porsche and he gave me a ride in it, and bought me dinner.

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go girl crazy [19 Aug 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Gift shop job gone cos the old girl came back. *shrugs* Whatever, the minimum wage sucked and the people were mean.
I got alot of my old clients back, including a few tasty new ones (one from the UK *drools*) and an ADORABLE little computer programmer who is 32, lasts for fucking ages, I SWEAR HE LOOKS LIKE A YOUNG BONO FROM U2, and he "loves that I am the real deal and thinks I am one of the sweetest people ever". He also loves my black and burgundy hair. Also been playing BDSM games (light ones) with a little mohawk-ed boy all summer. mmmmmmmmm :D But it's been a personal relationship, not a work one. He's a good friend who likes to be dominated and he loaned me a book called SM101:A Realistic Introduction. It was quite good, but put alot of emphasis on stuff like knots, which made me feel like I was studying to be a boy scout heh. Had a great safety chapter. Loads of amusing quotes ("Submissives spend alot of time with genitals in their mouths") and he has been my little slave boy all summer. I've never had a slave before, it's been fun!! We use props from PetCo and Albertsons food store. I've also been approached to do a fetish website by a cool client (I call him the aging goth), but I'm kinda iffy about doing it. I've put on like 10 pounds this summer, and making that a total of 15 since Febuary due to laziness, alcohol, junk food, and depression. *shudders* Time for a diet. Apples. Yogurt. Salad. Rice. Daily walks. I can do this. THEN I will do the fetish site, as I get to buy new fetish clothes for %50 percent off.
What else. Also have a new regular who likes who whip me with a soft leather and fur flogger,rub me all over with a furry glove, then make me cum with this AMAZING toy that's like a vibrating hand with vibrating fingers. It feels great :D And I get PAID for that lol!!
Hope everyone is well!!

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Terrible [18 Jul 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm the world's worst blogger. I admit it. :P
I blog too much on my GJ where my IRL mates are, and spend too much time on myspace. Not to mention between work and play, I'm never home except anti-social weeknights and mornings. *shrugs*
I've also started a paper journal, which is good for the soul. Engaged in a threesome Saterday night with a sexy little tattoo-ed punk boy, and a lovely curvy punk girl with pierced nipples. For free. It wasn't for work. It was great though. I don't do much sex work anymore, cos I'm kinda currently a retail whore at a gift shop. Accidental job. My black hair has pink streaks, and I got a new tattoo. I like the pain of getting tattoos, and piercings.
Life goes on my friends

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useless information [12 May 2005|01:06pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

This Lucerne whipped strawberry yogurt is so luscious and creamy.
I need to lick it off people's body parts.
Had a mate once that said yogurt is yummy to lick off people, just make sure they bathe afterwards.

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insomnia and things [12 May 2005|03:12am]
[ mood | awake ]

I did promise I would actually use this blog, but I've had a throat infection with fever since Thursday last week and lost my voice. Bollocks. Atleast my voice is coming back and the fever is gone. Cos so far my journal has 1 small client story. I had an old journal where I wrote more, but it got deleted for not logging in, blah blah same old story. But hey a $50 tip and discounted bathroom decor are major highlights!!
I have some regulars coming in next week and I promise to write about them, as well as my Adult Fine Arts trip with The Runner.
And then my little London sex story adventures from January/Febuary.
Pink streaks. I need pink streaks in my black hair :-D
I watched The Full Monty today. Mmmm....cute English boys with sexy accents and a sense of humor. The actor who plays Gaz can come around mine to play anytime ;-)
I need sleep. And bed. Dreams about Gaz would be a plus as well.
Au Revoir

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Bonus [10 May 2005|10:51am]
[ mood | blah ]

I like travelling businessmen-especially ones who have been to places like Brazil, Germany, Japan, and all over the US. Makes conversation flow, and I love hearing about their experiences.
Anyways had a lovely one in the week ago for erotic massage. Very fun, good sense of humor, nice muscles. Usual full body massage with hand release, while he fondled my breasts and very lightly stroked his fingertips all over my legs. That sensation was rather electrifying!! He's promised to come back whenever he's in town (about once a month) and he tipped me $50!!!!!!!!
Then when I went to get the new towels, shower curtain+other accessories for my bathroom out of layaway I got a pleasant suprise. I thought I owed them $75 but the cashier said "All this went on clearance while you had it in layaway, so you owe $45."
See what I mean by bonus? :)
Also Runner Boy has promised me a trip to Adult Fine Arts next time he comes around to play, and I can pick out any toy I want *grins*
So many sex stories I didn't write about while I was out of the country, and away from LJ, but I'll try to write about them soon to catch up.
The General came by last week, the man of magic fingers and tongue. We were so tired though, we mainly cuddled.

Despite all this, various stressful things have went down and I feel the need to take a week to re-vamp my business. Unfortunetly it's one of those days when I've woken up to a panic attack and all I want to do is lay in the dark, watch TV, and gaze at my red glitter encrusted fingernails and toenails. Atleast it sparkles.

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pretty panties and lipgloss madness [09 May 2005|08:47pm]
[ mood | girly ]

Forgot to mention I purchased some very groovy panties, I call them groovy cos they are a bit mod/psycedellic. 5 pairs, 1 solid black, 1 solid white, 1 black and white checker with swirly flowers, 1 black and white checker with circles of various sizes, and 1 black and white checker swirls.
Since I have quite a few black bras, I want to buy a pretty lacy or retro white bra to go with these knickers. I *heart* knickers. Found my pink and black glow in the dark ones the other day heh!!
Bath and Body Works Plum lipbalm
Natural Essential Oils Rain Lip and Cuticle Balm
Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lipbalm

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survey........I neglect this journal, I know *sighs* [09 May 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]

x.A is for - Age: 21.
x.B is for - Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I'm currently not into your typical "relatipnships:
x.C is for - Career in future: Rock Star!! *giggles*
x.D is for - Dad's name: M
x.E is for - Essential item to bring to a party: Vodka, or Jamesons
x.F is for - Favorite song at the moment: Raveonettes-'Love In A Trashcan'
x.G is for - Guys or Girls: guys
x.H is for - Hometown: Dallas
x.I is for - Instruments you play: Guitar, bass, flute
x.J is for - Job title: Indie sexworker. I dabble in everything and try to have fun
x.K is for - Kids: I'm not so sure....
x.L is for - Living arrangement: My DIY garage apartment in a gorgeous neighborhood next to the lake
x.M is for -Mom's name: E
x.N is for - Number of people you've slept with: *counts on fingers....I need more fingers*
x.O is for - Overnight hospital stays: 3
x.P is for - Phobia[s]: Fear, bugs, murder
x.Q is for - favorite question: What's your astrological sign?
x.R is for - Relationship that lasted the longest: 6 months
x.S is for - sex: Sure?
x.T is for - Time you wake up: Depends on when I go to bed
x.U is for - Unique trait(s): Eyes, hair (it's naturally multi-coloured)
x.V is for - Vegetable you love: Lettuce. It's cheap and can be dressed up. The occasional chips (fries)
x.W is for - Worst habit: Being anxious, procrastinating
x.X is for - X-rays done: Foot, leg, chest, neck, ankle
x.Y is for - Yummy food you make: Pancakes of all sorts.
x.Z is for - Zodiac sign: Pisces, of course

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CDs 2005 [26 Apr 2005|01:35pm]
Turbonegro-Scandanavian Leather
NWA-The Legacy Vol.1
Stiff Little Fingers-Inflammable Material
The Stooges-The Stooges
Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand
MOJO Presents-Post Punk compilation
The Cramps-Flamejob
Raveonettes-Pretty in Black
Siouxse and the Banshees-Superstition
*NEW*Tina's Hell House of Horrors Goth Comp
*NEW*Punk o Rama-vol. 10
*NEW*The Libertines-The Libertines
*NEW*The Caesers-Paper Tigers
The Dictators-The Dictators Go Girl Crazy
Jesus and Mary Chain-Honey's Dead
Primal Scream-Evil Heat
Spiritualised-Laser Guided Melodies
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2004 CDs [26 Apr 2005|01:31pm]
bought/recieved this year worth mentioning:
HellCat Records Give Em The Boot Vol.3
The Cramps-Psycedellic Jungle/Gravest Hits
The International Noise Conspiracy-Bigger Cages Longer Chains
T(I)NC-The First Conspiracy
T(I)NC-Survival Sickness
T(I)NC-New Morning Weather Changing
The Jam-The Sound of the Jam
The Smiths-The Queen is Dead
The Coral-The Coral
The Coral=Magic and Medicine
3 Mansun EPs
New Order-Get Ready
The Meteors-Wrecking Crew
The Who-The Who Sings My Generation
The Transplants-The Transplants
The Fall-Anthology (rough trade)
Mclusky-My Pain and Sadness is Greater Than Your Pain and Sadness
Idlewild-The Remote Part
Kenickie-At The Club
The Cure-Staring At The Sea-The Singles
Echo and The Bunnymen-Ocean Rain
Crass-Christ The Album
Dead Kennedys-Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
The Lost Patrol-Songs About Running Away
Dancing In The Streets-Motown Dance Classics
Led Zepplin-Led Zepplin 2
Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Refused-The Shape of Punk To Come
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